Sunday, May 08, 2005

Sunshine in the Valley!

Good Morning One, Good Morning All!

I hope you all had restful and peaceful sleeps last night.

Saturday was a fairly productive day. I got a fair amount of blogging done and it felt good! Claudia and I went to Mishicot yesterday for a birthday party and made some good contacts for the NEW Bayanihan effort. I finished up a little programming project on the NEW Bayanihan website and it went off mostly well but not perfectly well. The problems with that effort have been fixed and it was a matter of hardcoding variables rather than taking them from user input. MY BAD!

If you want you can see the results of these efforts at one of the two links:

  1. Pictures from the University of Santo Tomas Concert.

  2. Pictures from Ruby's benefit.

Today is a completely as it comes day. I suspect there will be less blogging than yesterday!

Anyway have a good day!