Monday, May 09, 2005

Hustler In the Pews.

A couple of summers ago Claudia, a friend, and myself went to Wisconsin Dells. We drove down 41 to 26 to 23. This path takes through Ripon and the Little White Schoolhouse. The Little White Schoolhouse is the birthplace of the Republican Party. On the way down we were in a hurry so we passed the Little White Schoolhouse right by.

We spent the rest of the day driving and in Wisconsin Dells. Sunday we were more at leisure than we were the day before and we stopped at the Little White Schoolhouse. As one would expect it is a sleep attraction in a sleepy town. None the less the Little White Schoolhouse had the air of that event back in 1850, they had a signed picture of George Stephanopoulos so it does not escape notice entirely. Also, Ripon is notable for one of the students who attended Ripon College: Harrison Ford.

Well we were browsing around looking at the pictures reading the placards and I eventually found myself in the back by the school teacher's desk. There was a magazine rack. I then proceeded to see what was in the magazine rack and what should my eyes behold? The Nation Magazine! For those of you who do not know what The Nation Magazine is about it is a periodical of leftist opinion. I thought this is like going to church and finding Hustler Magazine in the pews! I searched the rack hoping to find The National Review or The Weekly Standard or a similar magazine but only The Nation.

Well, since the person at the desk appeared to be just some summer help I said nothing. After reaching home I went online and went to the website of the Ripon Chamber of Commerce (RCoC) and lodged a complain about this insult. The next day I received a reply that consisted of the standard freedom of expression lecture. I related this to the fellow who setup the RCoC website and told me he was not at all surprised by any of it given the person at the chamber who replied to my message.

I was also lectured how 501(c)3 organizations can not take sides in politics. Funny, it seems like stocking that magazine rack full of The Nation Magazine is taking political sides. I initially offered a gift subscription to The National Review to the Little White Schoolhouse but reasoned since the Little White Schoolhouse is 501(c)3, political magazines could endanger its status.

I have not been in the Little White Schoolhouse since then so I do not know if the RCoC has rectified this situation.