Monday, May 09, 2005

Joining Pajamas!

I just sent in the necessary paperwork to join Pajamas. Pajamas is a blogging syndicate organized by Wretchard, Tim Blair, Charles Johnson, and some editor from <em>The Nation</em>. Apologies to that editor, I forgot your name and I have a story about your magazine, you may find interesting (I consider it blasphemous). I will tell that story later.
Anyway, they are going to sell advertising to place on Pajama blogs and they will syndicate the work of the bloggers in Pajamas. I do view this as an opportunity to earn wider recognition of my work as well as more income via the advertising. I hope it will earn me better advertising, the only advertising that has been really satisfactory with AdSense are the advertisements it was posting around the time PPJPII passed away and PBXVI was selected as PPJPII's successor.