Saturday, May 07, 2005

Saturday's Eight-Ball.

DESERVING? How many of the Republicans in the Wisconsin Legislature would be willing to work for $5.15 an hour? Of course, they are more deserving than the working poor, aren’t they? Heaven forbid that some municipalities don’t agree with them. Where are their moral, ethical, greedy family values?

Fran Bubolz,

Source: Its Your Call The Appleton Post Crescent, Saturday May 7, 2005

"they are more deserving than the working poor, aren’t they?"


they are more deserving. They did not attend school for years and year, did not risk what they put on the line for minimum wage.

Would you run for the legislature for $5.15/hour? Of course, there is more to the job than the pay but we must adequately compensate our legislators otherwise what will we get?

You see Fran, this is the same situation as the smoking non-smoking laws are in. Appleton passes a no-smoking ordinance in public places. Well business then shifts to Grand Chute, so what does Appleton do? They whine to the state to make a state no-smoking law. Same thing going on here, businesses in neighboring municipalities are losing employees.

Some may say "well, then they should just compete and increase their wages, don't you conservatives talk about competition all the time?" The instigating factor is not competition but government fiat.

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