Saturday, May 07, 2005

A Follow Up on Greatness.

Some people may detect a note of condescension in my blog on Greatness.

Well,perhaps. I realize people make their own free-will choices and sometimes those choices are in favor of other things in their life. Perhaps it is being a great husband, wife, father, or mother. Perhaps they strive to be a great home craftsman, things that are not so apparent.

Though this is not what I am talking about. I know ambitious and successful people who get their children involved. I am talking about the slow death of ones ambition. Ambition is not bad provided it drives a sinless approach to the achievement of ambitions. If ones ambition drives one to means outside of the law (both God's law and the law of our legal system) then the ambition is faulty.

Is there a cause or is it just the human condition?

Mike commented on the fact this is often group-think. I was about to state in my previous flog the logic of the school. Small fish often school because if they are one of thousands the chances they themselves will get picked off by a predator are small. If one becomes great they separate themselves from the herd and become a target.

How many of you know the name Tom Petri? How many know Tom DeLay? Who is the target? I can not blame people for not wanting to become a target.