Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Shocking News!

Apparently the terrorists are fighting back! Who, would have thunk it?

Anyway the biggest thing in the story is about the Japanese hostage situation.

What is most amazing about the article is the story of a kidnapping victim. Terrorists kidnapped a man from Japan after the man survived their ambush. The brother of the man is on record as saying "I do not expect the Japanese government to waver for the sake of my brother" note:

The Sunni militant Ansar al-Sunnah Army claimed on its Web site it had
kidnapped Akihiko Saito, 44, after ambushing a group of five foreign contractors protected by Iraqi forces. It said Saito was "seriously injured" in the fighting and that the others had died.

A spokesman for Saito's employer, Cyprus-based security firm Hart GMSSCO, confirmed he was missing after an ambush Sunday night involving Hart personnel.

Saito's brother, Hironobu, urged Tokyo to stay the course.

"If the Japanese government decides it's best to stay in Iraq, I will support (that). ... I do not expect the Japanese government to waver for the sake of my brother," he said.
Source: Yahoo News.

I am sure all of us have thought of how we would act in the same situation. Would you beg or would you face the inevitable with stoic acceptance? Would you demand the US pull out of Iraq or would you shout about how you regret you only have one life to give?

I recall during the Vietnamese War the Vietnamese marched some POWs in front of a TV camera and filmed them talking about how nice the Vietnamese were, while they were doing this they were flipping the camera off (i.e. telling the Vietnamese to go f themselves). The POWs explained this was a goodwill gesture. The POWs after they were freed stated they got it good when their captors found out otherwise.