Monday, June 13, 2005

Back to the Routine.


Claudia and I returned yesterday afternoon. After unloading the car I took a snooze in the living room. The people we did some shopping for yesterday came by with the first couple stopping by while I was asleep and I barely notice them here. The second couple stopped by later on and we all visited for awhile.

It was a nice weekend and on Saturday we spent mostly downtown Chicago. We went to the Chicago Blues festival and had some overpriced food and I had an overpriced beer. The Army had a recruiting station setup and guess what? The moonbats were there, but only about five or six of them. A couple of fat women in bright pink t-shirts, must have been code pink types (who believe we are oppressing the women of Afghanistan) and one guy had a sign that said "universal healthcare not worldwide warfare", what he needed was haircare! I stayed away from all of that.

The weather was warm and the first night the AC was out at our accommodations. It wasn't too bad we had a fan and I am a pretty good sleeper. Claudia had a harder time of it. The next night though was better as the AC was back in order.

Anyway that is all for now, gotta go!