Thursday, June 09, 2005

More Internet Al-Qaeda Sites.

Michelle Malkin picks up on a blog at The Bullpen that talks about an Al-Qaeda run website.

Sometime ago I reported on a blog from LGF that talked about how Jihadis use the I'net (it was based on a public document from DHS). I wonder what sort of privateering is going on to take these sites down?

I went to the site in question and it appears it is in Arabic (though my system could not make out the characters). I wonder also, how they figure this site is a Al-Qaeda jihadi site? The name of the name of the site is "alqa3edaah" so it seems like it could be (but lord knows it could be some morons thinking it would be cool to twit us).

The site is at: We can probably drive the bandwidth usage up so they get charged more or booted.

I just did a whois on the site and what a shock! Freehost is based in Vancouver CA! The hosting company's site is at: