Friday, June 17, 2005

A Bad Resolution.

Is being put forth by two GOP and two Democrat congressmen.

First troop levels are on the wane. As more and more Iraqi soldiers are trained and prove themselves our troops are withdrawn and replaced by those Iraqi troops. Ever since the January elections troop levels across the international presence have been falling. So they are attempting to legislate a process that is in motion on its own.

The big problem though is it sends a message to the terrorists and former Baathists (is there a difference?) all they need to do is to lay low and hold on until the date of withdrawal comes and then really go at it. In fact this is a mistake the terrorists are making, they should be
holding their fire until our troops leave, the more problem they cause the more excuse they give our forces to stay on.

Some of the terrorists may realize this and start to lay in wait and conserve their cash, arms, and soldiers. The law is passed they terrorists realize what is happening then would really scale back on attacks. The left then sees this as sign the terrorists are now happy hence their policy works. Well of course, our forces leave and then the terrorists strike at the government in place.