Tuesday, June 14, 2005

A Personal Note.

Today (Tuesday June 14, 2005) is the fifth wedding anniversary of Claudia and myself. We just visited with friends today, nothing big.

Five years! Wow! It has been easier than I thought it would be. While it isn't perfect all of the time I think we have developed sound techniques for dealing with our spats (later on). We make sure we say good night and I love you before going to sleep. While neither of us keeps books we make sure the give and take is close to being balanced. I go out of my way to learn and respect the culture she was brought up in and she returns this. We still play silly games with each other and while routine has settled into parts of our common life it is sincerely practiced routine.

We have known each other seriously for ten years now, longer if you count our relationship from our first having met (which was quite inconsequential). Being around her makes life easier. Some of my life choices I have come to regret, but now I see how they have led to Claudia and that I DO NOT REGRET!

To our friends who have been with us on this thanks for your support and help.

Claudia, happy anniversary and "gihigugma ko ikaw!"