Tuesday, June 14, 2005

My Encounter with HowDea.

I had a brief personal encounter (prior to the Wisconsin Primary) with HowDea. He was in the Fox Valley and consented to take calls from listeners of our local talk radio station WHBY. I was tasked with asking HowDea why the Wisconsin farmer should support him when he supported the Northeastern Dairy compact which was detrimental to the Wisconsin farmer.

I was polite and did not want to discredit the question or myself. He answered the question by denying it was detrimental to the Wisconsin Dairy farmer and how the whole nation should have such a similar program. I offered no rebuttal or challenge to it, it was my guess getting the question out there was enough.

A buddy of mine called me up later and asked if that was myself and asked if I had become a HowDea supporter or was just messing with the "poor man". The later! :-)