Monday, June 13, 2005

Missing The Boat so Badly

The Nation's Deborah Scroggins missed its invention!

HT to Little Green Footballs on this.

The backlash against Hirsi Ali has astonished and disappointed many Dutch feminists, who continue to count themselves among her biggest fans. Margreet Fogteloo, editor of the weekly De Groene Amsterdammer, said flatly that Mak is crazy. "People like him feel guilty because they were closing their eyes for such a long time to what was going on," she said. In what appears to be a Europe-wide pattern, some feminists are aligning themselves with the anti-immigrant right against their former multiculturalist allies on the left. Joining them in this exodus to the right are gay activists, who blame Muslim immigrants for the rising number of attacks on gay couples.

The piece I quote though is only after two large paragraphs of the viewpoint that Ayan Hirsi Ali deserves exactly what she is getting and by extension Theo Van Gogh. Of course the article refers to Dutch intellectuals "Since the murder [of Theo Van Gogh], a surprising number of native-born Dutch intellectuals have come around to the Muslim point of view". Of course, they refuse to defend their culture in lieu of surrender.

Well Dutch intellectuals here is an intellectual idea for you. It is called the bloody fringes of Islam. Where Islam is solidly in the majority or minority peace reigns. Where it is a small majority or large minority it isn't peace that reigns. The Netherlands is nearing that bloody edge. I suppose these intellectuals look forward to the days when there will be more Anne Franks.