Sunday, June 26, 2005

Citizenship Party.

My wife and I attended a citizenship party today! One of our friends was just granted full citizenship by the USCIS! She said she is done driving to Milwaukee and dealing with USCIS! Good for her and with the possibility of holding dual nationalities she doesn't lose out on the benefits of being a Filipino in the Filipines. Congratulations Eliza!

We finally got to sit down with one of our dear friends the one who was key in putting that benefit for Ruby Kumbalek together. Her husband and son have been called up and will be going to....Iraq shortly. They are both members of the Second Battalion of the 32cnd Brigade whose activation I noted at the Badger Blog Alliance.

She seems to be handling it well, though it will be a long year for her. She was telling us about how the training her son is going through includes getting used to the idea he may have to kill another person on purpose. This confirms something my wife's Godson was telling us. My wife's Godson is a member of the Third Infantry Division and is on his second tour of duty in Iraq.

Last summer at this time we were visiting his mother and he was home on leave and told us the National Guardsmen are taking it harder than the regular army types. He said something along the lines of "I know it sounds brutal, but when an Iraqi gets in our way we run them over, when the Iraqi gets in the way of the Guardsmen they stop." Indeed it is brutal but the terrorists are not playing patty-cake and a stopped convoy is a targeted convoy.

Our friend then related the story about a colleague. This colleague is in inactive reserves and was ordered to report for screening (to determine if his skills are needed or not) and he said he is going to fight the order. Our friend said she wanted to scream at him: "WIMP! Honor your commitments!".