Saturday, June 25, 2005

Guardsmen vs. Regular Army.

Was at a citizenship party today. A friend of ours recently obtained USA citizenship and had a little party. It was nice.

A good friend showed, a good friend we have not seen in sometime. Her husband and son are scheduled to depart for Iraq shortly, they are both members of the Second Battalion of the 32cnd Brigade. She was telling us of a conversation with her son where the trainers are getting them ready for the possibility of killing enemy in action.

My wife has a Godson in the 3rd Infantry Division and we were visiting with him at his home when he was on leave about one year ago. He told us one big difference between the soldiers in Iraq then and before (during & shortly after invasion) were the percentage of guardsmen vs. regular army. He sorta gave us a look and said "sorry to say it, but they are not as brutal as we are." An Iraqi steps in front of our convoys we run them over while the guardsmen stop." Claudia asked what they do when shot at and her Godson in a very matter of the fact way said, we stop, get out and shoot back.

This all really hit home when our friend told of her conversation with her son.

Our friend also talked about a colleague who was ordered to report for pre-service screening (he has a committment to the Guards and is being ordered to see if they need him or not) and he supposedly is going to fight the order. My friend said she wanted to scream "WIMP, honor your committment!" at him but bit her tongue.