Saturday, June 25, 2005

Site Matters.

Sometime ago I announced the formation of wi-ski a site for the Wisconsin & upper midwest skier. That site had some problems unknown and is in the process of being rebuilt. I have learned much about the framework I am using for this site and can get the technical parts of it back but it is always the artwork that takes time.

Site is going to go away temporarily as it is sitting in a hosting slot I need for an important customer who wants to get a website for her Sheboygan based business. Oh yeah, this customer also is going to pay (this customer is my Mother's business so not only is she going to be a paying customer but she IS my mother!) So, maurelius is going into the can until I can get another customer up & running (and paying) and then can justify expanding the service I have so I can get more domains.

Site: just made a major leap forward. Go visit this one and we hope you can pitch in and help with the concerts. The organization I am looking at putting together (for our area) if fully staffed will consist of 20 people or so (exact count escapes me at the moment). We are looking for people all over Northeastern Wisconsin to help promote, I am looking at running this outfit like a campaign, with a grassroots style of promotion as well as a more traditional promotion program. Don't want to work at it? That's okay, become a sponsor!

Remember, if you don't work to make your community a better place then a bureaucrat will take your money and do it for you and then probably in their image! That is what the concert is about!