Thursday, July 14, 2005

What Side Are We On?

Wretchard blogs on the idea this GWOT is as much a Islamic Civil War as it is a war between Radical Islam and the West.

One of the major characterizations of Islam in those not afraid to resort to more bellicose talk is that of "Religion of Peace". You don't need to hear or see the speaker to detect the sarcasm of that characterization. Unfortunately, Islam is getting a bad rap because of what happens to those Muslims who do speak out against the radical Jihadis. They get blown up, they are kidnapped and have their heads sawed off and....well, you get the idea.

Wretchard points out the London bombings took place in an area that is heavily Muslim. The young men who committed this act I don't think were lashing out at the West so much as punishing their fellow Muslims for not being sufficiently Muslim.

This point is missed by quite a few commentators. The terrorists in Iraq recently kidnapped and brutally murdered the envoy from Egypt. Many commentators said something along the lines of (with some surprise)"Oh, look what they are doing to their fellow Muslims!" Well, the statements AQ released said they considered the Egyptian envoy not Muslim but an apostate, that is, he did not toe THEIR line.

This is yet another reason why I am not screaming (ala Michael Savage) to make this a war on Islam.