Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Daniel Schorr's Divorce from Reality on Rove.

Daniel Schorr sermonized today on NPR about the Rove/Plame situation. It was a very pathetic showing for Mr. Schorr. The information he left out of his analysis, the lies repeated in his analysis and the conspiratorial thinking he did not weed out of his analysis make it hard to believe he is a national correspondent on a fairly well known network.

How, anyone can think the conversation revealed shows how Rove was out of bounds is beyond me. Yes, he was attacking Ole Joe Wilson, he was showing how Joe was being deceitful, he was warning Mr.Cooper how Joe's story does not match the facts. As the Wall Street Journal editorializes Karl Rove was a whistle blower, which it seems are like minorities in that if they are conservative they do not count.

The last point worth bringing up is to ask why Judy Miller is still in the can? Who are you protecting Judy? What is it you don't want to say Judy? The source everyone supposes she is protecting has signed a waiver of confidentiality. Is there another source? Joe Wilson perhaps? If the left and Joe want to get to the bottom of this then why do they not demand Judy testify? Instead they demand the opposite. It certainly seems like this is yet another mystery the left does not want demystified.

An interesting piece of Judy Miller history is refreshed by John Podhoretz at NRO's The Corner. Please note she found about the upcoming raid on the Holy Land Foundation's office and let the Holy Land Fndn. know about it. Well of course one doesn't know the damage that caused (if any) but it sure as heck was improper!