Monday, July 11, 2005

PROJECT TIDE: A round Table and a Symposium.

I proposed over at the Badger Blog Alliance a set of activities to coincide with the 2006 Republican Party of Wisconsin Convention.

Here is what I have in mind.


First off, try to get the RPW to sponsor a blog workshop/discussion as part of the convention activities. I am hatching a proposal to write a paper. I am creating the outline of what I have in mind, but I want to focus on the following areas.

  1. How to do it.

  2. The Future of Blogs.

  3. The Impact Blogs are having on our Political Culture.

Call for Collaborators

I will try to get the outline up as soon as I can. I hope, if you are a Wisconsin Blogger I hope you will want to collaborate on this project. While, this is being geared towards the right side of the political scene, I welcome offers from leftist bloggers to participate and in fact if we get a workshop/discussion session going I would hope you can join us in that discussion. I would hope you would be at least willing to participate in a traffic study.

A Blog Big or Two

Just across Wisconsin's Western Border we have one of the TTLB Ecosystem Higher Beings. Powerline. We need to work on one or all three of these gentlemen to participate. Failing that perhaps we can work on Blackfive to participate. Someone other than myself is going to have to ask him, since I dropped the FIB bomb in his comments section after Illinois lost the NCAA this previous March. I do not think we will much chance of getting any other Blog Big to come without having to come up with big $.

A Study of Wisconsin Blog Traffic

I propose to conduct a study of the Wisconsin Blogosphere. I propose to create a php program that will be called from one of the domains I control that will register traffic information. I hope to place this code into as many Wisconsin blogs as possible to study traffic trends (very similar to site meter and TTLB Ecosystem). Yes, most of us have site meter and/or TTLB counters on our sites, but with my own system I can pull the statistics together in a unified and consistent way. I would share this data with all participants and perhaps offer to sell it to interested third parties (terms of that would have to be worked out, nothing is solid or decided yet).

A Symposium

I use the word symposium in the third sense. After our workshop/round-table lets all get together at one of the brew pubs in Appleton to socialize and get to know each other face to face. On this point I am not really certain how we want to do this. It is my opinion we arrange something in advance with our venue of choice. Perhaps get a sponsor or two or three or four or... amd then see what the Venue can throw at us. The place I have in mind has a comedy club up on the top floor, so there are many many possibilities!

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