Thursday, July 07, 2005

The Pinaka-Idiotic Statement of the Day!

Pinaka is a Filipino superlative. So I am talking about the most idiotic statement of the day.

That goes hands down to Michael Scheur formerly head of the CIA's Bin Laden unit [snark suppressed]. He wrote a book before the election dissing our efforts in the WOT but the book's main goal was to elect John Kerry.

Anyway, he was on NPR today and tried to claim our leaders and people in the know were going to try to cover up the fact it was Al-Qaeda responsible for the bombing. This is of course after plenty of talk from leadership types who already said it was Al-Qaeda. I think Scheur was still stuck in Spain on 3/11 trying to replay what Aznar's govt did and not leap to conclusions too quickly.

After all, what was your impression when the Oklahoma City Bombing occurred? I was getting ready to go swimming in Arabia and was thinking the same thing you were!

Congratulations Michael Scheur! You are today's recipient of the Eight Ball Award!
Mr. Scheur's Award!
Mr. Scheur's Eight Ball Award!