Thursday, July 07, 2005

The Bombing.


The list grows. This does not sadden so much as anger. Note people, Al-Qaida talks about Afghanistan in their statements just as much as Iraq. This is not about just Iraq and Afghanistan either, this is also about Al-Andalusia. This is about a frustrated entrance into Vienna. I hope we come to thank God for the dates above. I hope it wakes us up to the Trojan horse growing within us.

One wants to come up with Churchillian rhetoric in a time like this. One wants to come up with words that inspire and motivate in times like this. We do not need words, even the likes of London's mayor seems tough at the moment. I will not be so lofty.

We need to track down those bombers, their enablers, their supporters, their motivators and serve them back to their mothers with their 'nads stuffed into their mouths. Here you go mom! Nad stuffed son!

Recently it was reported the Aussie and the Swede just recently released from captivity in Iraq have hired hunters to go after those that kidnapped them. The Swede reports a couple of his captors have been caught (after that he says he asked no more, he was probably winking when he said it). Of course our "betters" have tut-tutted such base attitudes.

On one website there was a report of some young Islamic ex-pats sitting around a coffee shop in London talking about how cool it would be for a major attack to hit London.

What do we call a creature that lives off another while causing it ill?