Friday, October 28, 2005

Vindication Feels Good.

Back on October 24 I blogged about Al Franken's idiotic comments on how Libby, Rove, Bush, and Cheney were going to be executed. I trackbacked to the MRC blog I referred to and received 500+ visits. That blog also elicited quite a few comments all except mine and one other were hostile.

One commentator going by the pseudonymn Pepper stated:
Uuuh, it looks like there will be 12 indictments, so folks, this looks like it could lead to something much bigger than just outing Plame.
Source: Blogger Beer Comment by Pepper.

Pepper then left a whole pile of links (which I did not check out) and told me to stop repeating right wing talking points. As I have pointed out the irony was rich because all Pepper was doing was repeating leftist talking points.

Well, Merry Fitzmas Pepper how do you like that pile of pony $#!+ under your Fitzmas Tree? You know, at least my talking points were based on reality and not wild fantasy.

One last thing on this before I go. In that conversation I NEVER took it as a fact there would be no indictments, I never took it as a fact there would be indictments (BTW, an indictment is a far thing from guilt). All I was doing was to say lets wait. Now, you may rightly point out my whole blog ridiculing Al Franken was based on an assumption itself, and yes it was. The facts as they have been coming out and the relevant laws did not support the conclusion those people were rocketing to.

Pepper, August et al welcome to the reality based community.