Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Crisis Magazine

Crisis Magazine is an excellent magazine for the conservative Catholic.

Editor Brian Saint-Paul has an excellent editorial asking for whiney Catholics to leave he notes the Episcopal church is most welcoming. Furthermore, he asks unhappy Episcopalians to consider joining the Roman church.

There is an outstanding article entitled Hitler's Mufti written by Ronald J. Rychlak (author of Righteous Gentiles: How Pope Pius XII and the Catholic Church Saved Half a Million Jews from the Nazis). The conclusion in the end the Mufti's views had little influence upon the 3rd Reich. However, the Mufit is reported to have said something like they did not need convincing it was already in their plans. There is evidence to the contrary but with National Socialist race theory I have a hard time the Nazis viewed Mufti Husseini as little more than a useful idiot.

I have met Arabs who helped the British in WWII oppose the Germans in the Middle East but never one who aided the Germans (admittedly with the exception of those who fought for the Axis as citizen soldiers who in their right mind now-a-days would admit to helping the Nazis over the Brits)

However, we do know that the ideology of Jew hatred produced by the 3rd Reich helps to fuel Arabic hatred of Jews and Israel.

There is a great article that traces the lack of Priests to the attack on fatherhood in general. Not just priestly fatherhood but fatherhood period as evidenced by the lack of TV shows such as Father Knows Best and by The Simpsons.

Well, I bid you goodnight have to tear down the laptop setup make a phone call and go to sleep.

Lay down your head dear brother
Lay down your head and take your rest
I want you to lay your head upon your Saviour's breast.
I love you, oh but Jesus loves you the best
And I bid you good night good night good night!