Sunday, December 04, 2005

An Interesting Proposal.

Last night at the party, Owen from Boots and Sabers had an interesting proposal. He suggested the Bloggers of the BBA and those who wish to join all pick a GOP primary race and put all of our weight behind a single candidate. The purpose being to see if we have any pull. If it turns out we do, then that will increase the Wisconsin Blogosphere's visibility.

I myself like the idea. I find my political views to be very close in line with the views expressed by those who are members of the BBA so I am not worried (for the most part) they would select to support a candidate I would reject nor oppose a candidate I support.

The idea that drives most of us to blog is to get our opinion out there and to influence events.

However, there is a drawback. Bloggers are bloggers because we are independent minded so attempts to coordinate and steer blogger opinion writing could be doomed to failure.

In the end though I think it is a matter of convincing us the battle is worth fighting. The seat suggested is well outside of my Appleton area so I have little natural interest but the seat's location in RPW power & $ central increases interest. If bloggers are convinced the fight is worth it then it is a matter of tuning bloggers into the pertinent foundational information sources.

I am interested but I am not certain the level of interest is going to rise high enough until February for me to blog on this race. Work prevents me from blogging at the levels to clear out my higher priority interests, and my trip to the Philippines in January is going to see light blogging and the blogging that does happen will be trip-oriented (yes, GBFan I am making a point to snap shots of McDonald's and I will get the Omani McDonald's photo scanned in sometime). In January expect to see many blogs that center on extended legs & barefeet, beaches, jeepneys, , tropical scenery, parties, San Miquel beer, and Tabacalerra cigars.