Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The Limited Blogging.

For my readers from overseas let me explain just a tad why the blogging is off here at Blogger Beer.

Sometime ago my job took me to Madison whereas my home is in Appleton. The commute is about 100 miles one way or in units you may be more familiar with that is 160 kilomters! Fortunately, most of the drive is on the freeway and I can drive roughly 120 kilometers/hour (or 75 miles/hour in English units for metric system impaired) for most of the trip. On a tank of gas I probably average about 60 mph (roughtly 95 kilometers per hour) and drive about three legs (480 km, the milage is off a bit I need to get the car serviced) on a tank of gas. Total time is about 1h40minutes per way so I come close to 4 hours a day in the car.

When I get home I am tired so therefore my blogging is limited. When I do I am nowhere near as informed as I was before.

Anyway thanks for your patience, I do plan to keep this going!