Friday, March 31, 2006

Jill Carroll

Lay off of her, for now. She was just released from spending a solid three months wondering if this hour was her last. Wondering if her captors were coming to slaughter her like a chicken or to feed her. A tad traumatizing.

The video on the internet? That was made while under duress, it is most likely not sincere, but just saying what her captors want to hear so as not to provoke them into cutting her head off.

Her not talking to US Authorities? Give her a little time to be free, then she can talk. In fact, I heard reports she is now sharing information with US Authorities. Refusing military transport? Well, every report I have read about military transport is there is nothing remotely comfortable about it.

Yes, perhaps she holds anti-American views and the like, so? The fact is, she never deserved kidnapping and we should be glad she is released. Don't be a Kos-head who cares not a fig for Americans who don't hold his views, who said "screw them" after the Blackwell Contractors were killed in Fallujah.

If she goes on tour with OCindy Bin Sheehan, then I will be down on her, but right now she gets a pass.