Sunday, July 16, 2006

HowDea's Latest Inanity.

HowDea is speaking out in a way that seems like he believes President Bush can wave a magic wand and fix the problems with respect to Israel and Iran (Hezbollah is nothing but an Iranian instrument).

HowDea you need to look at some recent history. Israel has been bending over backwards to accommodate the Palestinian, Hamas, and Hezbollah types. Recall they withdrew from Lebanon years ago and the partners in that agreement did not follow through on their commitments (or as I believe were not able to follow through but one should not enter into agreements they can not deliver on) and Israel just withdrew from the Gaza strip. What did it earn them? Worse than nothing.

Furthermore, the Oslo accords lead to nothing as well. The Oslo accords were nothing more than an excuse to sign cheap pieces of paper, clink champagne glasses, and administer own-back pats.

You see Mr. HowDea, the likes of Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran, and Syria are not honest negotiators and are very clear on their intentions. It is the likes of you who force muck and shades of gray on the situation and not the main players in this fight.

Ahmednuttyjihad is quite clear that his intentions are to destroy the nation of Israel. Was Hitler being allegorical in Mein Kumpf?