Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Israel Vs. Hezbolalah & Iran & Syria.

Well, the Israel vs. Hezbolalah (& Iran & Syria) fight is over for the moment. Anyone who thinks peace will reign supreme over the Levant is nuts (for lack of a better word).

The Olmert government is fatally wounded and is likely to be ousted in the not too distant future. Wretchard notes a Wikipedia entry:
Wikipedia's official entry for Benjamin Netanyahu says it is "widely anticipated that a no-confidence vote will lead to new elections with Netanyahu becoming the next Prime Minister of Israel." Note: Wikipedia have since taken this phrase off their entry. [emphasis in original] And rightly so, it's too speculative. However, the point which the citation is intended to make, which is that Ehud Olmert's position has become tenuous, is probably still a valid one to make.
Source: The Belmont Club - The Beginning and the End

I don't think the comment is too speculative. I believe Mr. Netanyahu will reclaim the prime minstership of Israel. He has been speaking of the danger of Islamic radicalism for sometime, is he the Churchill of our age? That last comment is speculative in the extreme.

How about the rest of the fallout? Well I do believe it isn't quite as bad as some say and it certainly doesn't meet up to the levels the spinners have be raising it to. You had to know anything short of new governments being empowered in Lebanon, Syria, and Iran they would proclaim victory.

However, I am pessimistic about the results. Hezbolalah isn't seriously impeded from rebuilding itself. If you think Lebanese, French & UN troops are going to stop the Hezbolalahs from doing what they will, well you are nuts. The Hezbolalahs MAY be impeded from constructing conspicuous sites near the Israeli border but they will be certain to harass the Israelis on their border.

The Israeli government bungled it and were hesitant. While it is easier to lay the blame with the governmental leaders than it is with the soldiers and officers of the IDF I feel the blame lays with the Olmert government. They hesitated and were indecisive putting soldiers in, taking them out, putting them in, taking them out. Olmert's government tried to bomb the Hezbolalahs into submission and as CNN found out the Hezbolalahs take this extremely personal, they hate Jews not Zionism or Israel but Jews.