Thursday, August 03, 2006

Mistaken Thinking

Rush Limbaugh catches reporters from the Caliphate News Network (aka CNN) being amazed at how the Hezbolalahs really hate Jews. Not just Israel but really hate Jews. I mean they hate them all. In addition, Rush notes how down in the dumps the Caliphate News Network is they can not embed with the Hezbolalahs.

How many times have we heard the pointy headed intellectuals telling us not to take Ahmednuttyjihad literally as he is just speaking for internal consumption? Too many. Ahmednuttyjihad's latest pronouncement is that the simplest solution to the conflict between Israel and the Hezbolalahs is the final one wiping Israel off of the map. I am sure quite a few appeasing pointy-headed intellectuals will tut-tut us all for taking Ahmednuttyjihad literally. After all, President Ahmednuttyjihad is just like them and they would never mean such a thing, right?

Besides for the pointy-headed intellectuals getting too wrapped up on President Ahmednuttyjihad's threats to destroy Israel distracts from their fight against the true locus of evil in the world.