Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Lieberman Is Still Running.

Yeah its old news.

Many people are claiming Lieberman's independent run is somehow undemocratic.

What hooey. Since when does a person need the blessing of a primary to run for office? It is up to the parties to choose their candidates and it is up to the candidates to abide by those wishes.

Now, if Neddy (that's Neddley actually Ned Lamont) wins the general election and Lieberman launches an extra-legal attempt to oust Neddy (that's Neddley actually Ned Lamont) then I am with you calling Joe Lieberman an anti-democrat.

There is nothing democratic or undemocratic about primaries. In fact I detest primary elections and prefer caucuses because its the people who bust their tails for the party that should decide who runs. Primaries seem to me to be nothing more than election-lite where the party attempts to run a "pre-season" event.

As has often been pointed out many who whine and moan about Lieberman running as an independent have been urging John McCain to do the same and were hoping for a McCain independent run in 2000.