Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Corner is in a Tizzy.

Quite a discussion has been going on for at least a week over at The Corner. The topic? What to term the war we are in or at least what to term the enemy.

They have been kicking a few things around but does it matter? Eventually they all seem to agree it is kinda moot. The term Islamic Fascism set it off. They were not debating whether it was wrong to link the two so much as a discussion about whether they qualify as fascists or not. Eventually we start seeing blog titles like: Naming The Enemy--Just Not That Important, An Enemy By Any Other Name etc.

The upshot is if the Islamists we are fighting gain the upper hand, ladies & gents get used to praying five times a day. Not to mention the loss of liberty worldwide. The contributors at the Corner recognize the fact most people recognize what's at stake even though our leaders tippy-toe around certain words or combinations of words.