Tuesday, October 24, 2006

On WWII and the WOT.

Over at the Belmont Club Wretchard discusses the sewer line that connects Kabul to Paris. That is, how radical Islamic theology is infiltrating the West. Further contemplation goes into how Europe is responding. A very worthy read but I want to focus on the commentary in the post.

One of Wretchard's lurking (and occasional vocal critic) will condescend to him and his commentators how they are all a bunch of WWII junkies looking to force current events into a WWII narrative much akin to a 300 lb. woman trying to fit into a size 8 dress.

First there are many parallels to WWII to what the world is undergoing right now. However some people I think do pine too much for a WWII mindset. Essentially that mindset is "kill 'em all and let God sort them out". Now, there is a time and place for that (lets pray it doesn't come to that) and this is what President Bush is trying to prevent! I know I know. Lefty is piping up President Bush is killing them all. Well, I am here to have a rational discussion not to answer hysterics.

The battle rages across the Mohammedan Arc.
The NATO commanders are looking to negotiate with the Taliban in Afghanistan. Looking to replicate the Warizistan Agreement the General President obtained with the Taliban, there.

The poppy fields are expanding, funding Mohammedan Operations from Afghanistan to Holland.

Yet, here at the BC the accumulated wisdom debates the ideology of secularism.
Source: Commentary by Desert Rat at The Belmont Club
What this mentality doesn't give enough recognition to is people have no idea what we are fighting for. The left thinks it is just a bunch of power hungry politicians trying to whip up the masses or kooky Christians trying to kill kooky Islamists (kooky as in those rubes who believe in religion). Even after an attack way more provocative than Pearl Harbor all the left can do is to blame the President. The only people who I've seen are cynical about Pearl Harbor is Pat Buchanan and even then his angle is not it was an inside job but a result of FDR's government meddling affairs in which US foreign policy didn't belong. He has every bit as much a case on that as the current crop of US critics do.

The key as President Bush sees (and the nasty evil neo-cons) it is to spur an Islamic reformation similar to the one Christianity underwent.

Islam is undergoing a reformation. However, at the moment it is going in the Christian reformation's opposite direction. The Christian reform set the stage for the West's current situation. Those with the upper hand in the Islamic reformation want to go the opposite way, want to make the Taliban way the way for Greenwich Village. Think Greenwich Village supports the WOT, well you know the answer:
After Sayyid Qutb was scandalized by Harry Truman's America he was later brutalized by Gamal Abdel Nasser's prisons. It may have been the low cut dresses of American women that first planted the seed which was to grow into al-Qaeda's ideology but it was the blood shed by Marxist torturers that watered it. Qutb and later Osama bin Laden saw Marxism and secularism as agencies of the Devil; but to destroy them it was first necessary to destroy the world's system administrator: the USA. One of the real ironies of the War on Terror is that the most hated targets of al-Qaeda, the culturally liberal — the gays, feminists, entertainers, civil libertarians, artists and novelists — are its [The War on Terror] most vocal critics.[emphasis added]
Source: From Kabul to Paris - The Belmont Club
It is only with the support of the left can we engage in all out war against Islamism and in any event do we really want that? Is it yet any more necessary than engaging in all out war against those who hold a literal interpretation of the Bible?