Sunday, October 08, 2006

Here I am Again.

Its late Sunday night, the Packers lost again and I am up again in front of my Slackware workstation listening to organ music on WCPE via internet feed.

However, one thing is different. I got to reading The People's Cube. The People's Cube is a great website and does some real serious spoofing of leftoids:
Another leader of social progress has been murdered by American war criminals today. The Left movement has lost a prominent comrade who helped us fight US imperialism at home and abroad. Every glorious beheading and school bus explosion he committed was cherished by human rights activists as another proof of the cynical nature of the Bush administration.
Just like Che Guevara before him, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi will be remembered by generations of progressives who will make sure his legacy lives on. A commemorative T-shirt has been produced and is recommended as casual wear after a 7-day official mourning period is over.
Source: the People's Cube - Al Zarqawi: Advancing Progress No More by Red Square.
During the 2004 election People's Cube people dressed up in the part and made up signs in the manner of their website. Democrats couldn't tell they were being spoofed. A self parody.

Anyway its time to reform my state of consciousness (hey, if the left can call cutting & running redeploying I can euphamize going to sleep as well).