Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Terrorist Eyes Are Smiling.

How can it be otherwise? After all, sometimes it is very hard to distinguish the talking points of Osama Bin Laden from this nation's left.

Oh well, some random and quick thoughts.

I wonder what the over/under on the number of days until the Dems bring impeachment charges against President Bush. I guess it depends on the Senate, which still isn't decided.

Our next Governor is Barbara Lawton, I can not believe Doyle, with this ethical problems will last four years. The attorney generalship of WI went to JB Van Hollen (by a sliver) and Jim Doyle's puppet lost. Even though Peg and Doyle didn't get along they knew they had to work together.

Speaking of which, it boggles my mind a guy with so many ethical scandals and who clearly abused the Government to advance his political career won so easily. That is, Governor Doyle who gets four more years to keep businesses out of Wisconsin (except for the elite stem cell research facilities for the Madison area).

Steve Kagen. I don't think he will last long in the job. Frank Krueger, at least Bruce Chudacoff is a longtime friend of Mr. Kagen's what's your excuse? I hope you become persona non grata within the Outagamie County Republican Party.

Congratulations to Gary Tauchen on winning his race to represent Wisconsin's sixth assembly.

Does anyone think we will hear stories about how Diebold fixed the election?

The left will gloat and the right will
...mope. You drink. You swear a bit.

And then, after a little while, you get back up on the horse and try again.
Source: TKS - Closing thoughts
However, it will be nothing like the left. The left for years complained and whined about stolen elections. Well, the nation went left and us conservatives must congratulate them work with them when possible (we'll see, offer a hand first and take it from there), after all the left in America is not the enemy (I know, some will say they are and some will point to my comment on top). Conservatives have no more right to power than the left does and this separates the two of us. As I said on election eve:
What? What about tomorrow's elections? Whatever, my vote is in and I am not working polls or doing dialin' for votes. I'll leave work early, go home hug my beautiful wife, have dinner, and go to Gary Tauchen's victory party [and a victory party it was]. Wake up Wednesday morning and no matter what happens I am not partying or tearing my clothes, rolling in ashes, and donning sack cloth. Can the leftoids say the same thing? Of course, I will be disappointed if the GOP loses the house, the senate, the governorship, etc but I don't worship at the altar of leftist [or right] government. God's plans transcend Elephant and @$$.[emphasis added]
Source: Blogger Beer - Twas the Night Before Election Day.