Tuesday, October 31, 2006

What Can I Say?

That has not been said about John Kerry's all too typical oral flatulence?

Now, John Kerry says that he will not apologize for a criticism of the President.

However, it wasn't that. Intentions and results are not always the same. Especially for John Kerry, GIVEN HIS HISTORY.

Story time boys & girls. I was a young man (some still say I am) around 21-22 or so. I was just out of college with a degree in mathematics and working in a machine shop usually operating CNC machines or performing simple manual machining operations. In a conversation with one of the longtime employees I had stated Oh, I'm looking for a real job. Now, what I meant was a job involving mathematics on a higher level than the math I used around the shop. Of course, many of you recognize it as an insult. Guess what? I didn't recognize the fact I had insulted the man until someone else mentioned it to me.

Now I am older and I hope wiser and I recognize many such instances when I gave insult without intent. I do believe it choked off some worthy friendships (oh well I am not happy about those but they are long time done).

Similarly John Kerry did the same thing. He may think he was insulting President Bush and his script may have called for such an insult (hehehe think of it, a guy who can't tell a scripted joke thought he could be President), but the words, the setting, all of it gave one drift. That impression: IF YOU ARE IN THE MILITARY YOU ARE AN IDIOT.

Reports, have it there were gasps in the audience meaning those in the audience caught the same meaning (regardless what Kerry meant).

There is one way John Kerry can put an end to it. However, he is determined not to pursue that path. Say you are sorry, further explain yourself, and stop fighting the last war.