Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I Don't Know

Is all Brandon Dassey could say when asked why he made that long & detailed "false confession".

Angenette Levy with WFRV has an excerpt of Brandon's cross examination. Anyway, about the only thing I can see as certain when it comes to Brandon Dassey is he will say anything.

This does not mean what he says is always false. For example, Mr. Dassey's famous confession led to concrete discoveries. Now, if he made the statements and found no evidence of the crime based on that confession then the case he made a false confession is much stronger.

The exchange Angenette puts on the WFRV Courtroom blog contains an exchange between Mr. Dassey and Mr. Fallon as Mr. Fallon cross examines Mr. Dassey:
Then, Fallon asked Brendan about why he told the investigators that he had been to Steven’s trailer, before 5 p.m. He said that he wasn’t over there.

Fallon: “you didn’t tell your mother that you went over there?”

Brendan: “I didn’t.”

Well let me play something for you, and I want to ask you a couple of questions, alright?”

Dassey replied, “ok.”

Fallon then played a jailhouse phone call between Dassey and his mother, from May 13, 2006. The same day he gave a second confession to investigators as he tried to enter into a plea deal, stating that he and Avery planned Halbach’s rape and murder.

Barb: Brendan, why did you even go over there?

Brendan: I don’t know.

Barb: Why didn’t you just call 911? Or, tell me at 5 o’clock when I got home. Were you afraid of him?

Brendan: Well, yeah.
Source: Courtroom Journal – Brendan Dassey Testifies (Angenette Levy)
I don't know is not going to cut it when you are trying to explain why your "false confession" matches physical evidence found based on your confession. I don't know is not a defense.

Angenette states a psychologist is testifying today on why Brendan is susceptible to making false confessions. What I want to know is not why Brendan may or may not make false confession obviously his concern is to keep himself out of prison, but why key pieces of physical evidence used to convict Avery were found based on Dassey's "false confession".

Investigators know, even when there is no reason to suspect false or deceitful confessions to back the confessions up with other evidence. It does not seem Mr. Dassey is aware he needs more than "I don't know"?

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