Sunday, April 22, 2007

Random Bytes

Lamenting Lakeshore Laments

Recently I noted a Blogger blog written by an author who was unexpectedly found dead. Her blog is still up and running, but obviously the only updates are from people coming in to comment in Julia's memory. However, what happens when a blogger's terms of employment proscribe blogging? Well Kevin Binversie's Lakeshore Laments is about to show us. In Lakeshore Lament's case the site & content goes away. However, the original Lakeshore Laments is similar to Julia's blog and will be with us for a long time.

Kevin, I use a different hosting service for my other website and am able to make complete back ups of the site. Did you do so?

No Smelt

Last night some relatives and I went to the – lakeshore. We went to a place named Kiddsville on Lake Michigan's shoreline between Two Rivers & Two Creaks. Yes, this is not too far from the nuclear plant.

The weather was nice not too cold and the southeast wind was not raising too large of waves. However, the smelt were not in and three pulls resulted in nothing. Oh well what is that saying about fishing & work?

Thank God

Harry Reid was not an influential leader during the Revolution, the Civil War (wait a minute, perhaps we was a copperhead & has reincarnated), or WWII. Can you see it now? After the Battle of Midway Harry Reid would be whining about how badly the war is going and we need to let Japan alone and how incompetently FDR was running things. After all, men were killed and ships lost quite obviously the Navy & FDR's administration did not have a plan.

You Do Not Have To Use Wordpress Hosting To Use Wordpress

The Jawa Reports notes Wordpress is hosting a number of terrorist web sites. FYI, if you want to use the Wordpress engine you can go ahead and do so without purchasing your hosting via Wordpress. Just:

  1. take out a domain name

  2. Contract with a web hosting service that provide Wordpress as a blog system option

  3. Install & configure Wordpress

  4. Blog away.

Nothing Like a Freshly Waxed Car

Yesterday, I got ambitious and washed, vacuumed, leather conditioned, rain-exed, armor-alled, and waxed the car. When I was done I was very satisfied. I sprayed water on the car and watched the water bead up makes a very nice photo against the sheen of the hood & sunshine. I will post that picture sometime.

Anyway ttyl!