Saturday, April 07, 2007

The Empress

Is fine, the "family business" is taken care of, may God shine his perpetual light on the soul of our sister. Since the business completed (Filipino funeral are not trivial affairs often times family from the world over has to assemble, and when that happens then there is a nine-day or so vigil, and then the funeral mass with the interment following) it has been well deserved rest and relaxation. Her family went to Bohol and visited the famed Chocolate Hills

Well, I just called The Empress and talked with her instead of txting with her. It was excellent to hear her sweet voice again and to hear all I associate with being in the Philippines. Dogs barking, roosters crowing, and family & children in the background. What is even better is since I have been to her sister's house in Barili I know exactly where she is and can visualize the scene.

Anyway being Easter they have plans to attend Mass (or have attended) and their next foray is to either Negros Occidental or Negros Oriental. Negros is one island but, IIRC, there is a range of low mountains separating the eastern portion of the island from the western portion. In addition, this Wikipedia article reports the people are culturally different from each other, with the people in Negos Oriental being Cebuano speakers (i.e. Bisayan). So, my guess is they are bound for Negros Oriental.

No matter, check out the websites I link to and take in the beauty that is the Philippines.

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