Wednesday, May 09, 2007


You know Barak Obama stated 10,000 people were killed in the tornado in Kansas.

Now, when he finally figured out what he said he said he was tired. Guess what? I am entirely sympathetic to his claim. He is jetting about the nation, giving speech after speech, answering question after question (one every now and then may be unscripted), and meeting with contributors etc.

How can anyone not stumble over their words occasionally?

In fact, I hear Barak is not that great of a speaker. Offering trite platitudes instead of substance or fresh ideas. He is Πthe Madonna of politics.

Despite the desire to reciprocate and call Obama what another person gets called for similar stumbles I refrain.

Just remember, eloquence did not convince the left President Reagan was smart (noted leftist and Saddam Hussein apologist Clark Clifford called Ronald Reagan an amiable dunce). They just try to pretend they have something more profound than simple disagreement.