Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Bigger and Bigger

Reports have the surge in Iraq to be very large indeed. At first reports indicated a multi-brigade action was kicing off, then the next reports indicated the action was a multi-division action. Well, the latest is the action kicked off is a multi-corps battle. That is to say this is more in lines with the original invasion of Iraq back in 2003. In fact, Bill Roggio and DJ Elliot at The Fourth Rail states:
Four days after the announcement of major offensive combat operations against al Qaeda in Iraq and its allies, the picture becomes clearer on the size and scope of the operation. In today's press briefing, Rear Admiral Mark noted that the ongoing operation is a corps directed and coordinated offensive operation. This is the largest offensive operation since the first phase of Operation Iraqi Freedom ended in the spring of 2003.
Source: The Fourth Rail – The Battle of Iraq – 2007 (Bill Roggio & DJ Elliot)
Many did not understand the surge, which is just starting to happen. Before, was just preparation in one way or another.

Before, it seemed the surge was just more of the same which seemd to be little more than policing on steroids. However, AQ and the rest were crime on steroids.

Many are fond of saying military force alone will not win. Usually, I dismiss them because what they want to say is military force will not work period. However, the military is only one leg of a stool, politics, and diplomacy are also required to pull off operations like this. Lets hope the politics & diplomacy fields have been as well prepared as the military field.

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