Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Today's Tidbits

  1. Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) Caught up in Corruption Probe

  2. I want to be careful here. I detest Ted Stevens, but hope the charges turn out to be false. However, if true, then ditch the deadweight. Many on the right side of the blogosphere are up in arms over this both for the corruption itself and his fanatical love of pork.

    However, a larger concern of mine is allegations alone should not be sufficient to run a person out of office, it should be conviction or congressional procedures. Much about this case makes sense with his hyper-concern over earmarks destined for his state and his near hysterical state whenever it was suggested the earmarks were over the top.

  3. Justice Roberts okay, lefty blogosphere not.

  4. I knew without having to log on to know how the hard-left would react to this story. The likes of Wonkette, DU, et. al. disappoint as usual. I will wonder about this, how they can live with such hate in their hearts. Yes, we have people on the right who have similar explosions when a prominent member of the Democratic leadership/statesman team is injured or experiences a medical condition, but much of that is manufactured.

  5. Finally a Symbol/Religion Worth Protecting

  6. However, the symbol is the Holy Qur'ran (IIRC qurran is a generic Arabic term for writing & the Holy Qurran/Qur'ran is used to refer to the Islamic holy Book) and the religion is Islam. I wonder if those who leap to the defense of flag-burners and offense against flag protection statues will bother?

    Here is what the ACLU has to say over the incident: chirp-chirp-chirp. I would have used nothingness as the "crickets chirping" thing is overdone, but I need a place holder for the link.