Thursday, February 07, 2008

Conservatism Will Get By!

Getting a lot of google search landings from people searching on the death of conservatism, why is that?

Conservatism's house right now is disturbed at the moment, but isn't that what primary season is for? To have it out, for all to get their input into who we are going to run, and to determine the near to mid-term direction of the organization?

The Democrats are having a real brawl on their hands and it really is not apparent when it is going to end (short of its inevitable conclusion in, IIRC, Denver). Both Hillary and the JFK Lama are splitting votes, states, and delegate nearly equally among each other. They too are having a good discussion.

But that is democracy. If you want unity, go to Cuba where everyone votes and everyone votes for Fidel's slate or else. How is that for unity?

In any event, conservatism is a political framework that transcends party. The GOP may disappear much as the Whigs of old did but some organization will pick up and serve as the new vehicle for conservatism. Conservatism is the driver, the party is the car and just because your old malibu dies does not mean the end of driving for you.

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