Thursday, February 07, 2008

A Clever Name? Hardly!

Peter at Texas Hold 'Em Blogger doesn't like Mike Huckabee and passes on this little nugget:
The Other McCain — Robert, not John — has a clever name for the simple-minded evangelicals who supported The Huckster even though he was a liberal simply because he was pro-life and loved Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesus:

Source: Texas Hold 'Em Blog – WHAT DO WE CALL THEM?
I don't think "hucktard" is clever it is pretty much a play off of the common leftard or similar. However, I am not after the name so much.

Rush Limbaugh sums up the big tent that is the GOP. My observations of the local GOP membership bears this out. There are three general types of Republicans: The fiscal, the social, and the defense Republicans. Usually, I notice most Republicans fit into at most two groups, sometimes just one, sometimes all three.

Now, Pete's post above is dripping with condescension for the religious supporters (whom I put in the social conservative camp and I would guess many of them are also defense conservatives too) of Mike Huckabee. In fact, I thought he was using the Left's new word Jebus. For pete's sake Pete, why?

The Democrats jump up and down and scream and shout (see HowDea DooDea) about What's Wrong With Kansas?. They wonder, how come these people do not vote Dem when the Dems propose economic policies that would favor them. It comes down to one word: Jesus.

The Evangelical movement attaches itself to GOP for one reason and that is because the Dems kicked religion off of the Democratic bus. The Evangelical voting block is quite often in opposition to the GOP's traditional views on limited government, for better or worse (slavery and abortion are two areas for better, prohibition is one example of for worse). Typically, they are not economic conservatives so they generally support populist economics (the word populist is used for a reason).

Religion and faith used to be a staple of our political culture, both Democrats and Republicans frequently quoted and alluded (accurately and correctly) to passages from the Bible. Now, only the politicians from one party might do that. Those who do are naturally going to appeal to the religious voter.

Don't go Left on us Pete.

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