Friday, February 08, 2008

Happy Birthday John Williams!

Today's birthday composer is still alive and I am guessing you all know a number of his works. Today's birthday composer is John Williams and he has composed the scores to a number of mildly successful films.

The music of John Williams was my first serious introduction to classical music. Back in the mid '70s there was this obscure filme named Star Wars and the theme caught my fancy. So one Christmas a tape of the soundtrack was given to me and my brother received an album of the popularized version of the theme song and others. In addtion, at about the same time I received a tape of the soundtrack to Rocky.

However, pop music quickly overcame the budding interest in classical music and I started getting a hold of Kiss albums.

John Williams also composed scores for Indiana Jones, Jaws, Superman, and other successful movies. Anyway today's presentation is a rendition of the theme from Star Wars. I was looking for a version of John conducting the performance but all such You Tube recordings were shoddy and contained too much crowd noise, instead I select the below version from Japan, just wait for the Japanese announcers to finish up there chit-chat and the performance beings.

The Theme from Star Wars by John Williams:

Happy birthday John Williams you are 76 years old today!

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