Thursday, February 21, 2008

Six Pack

  1. McCain Wins Wisconsin GOP Primary

  2. It is what it is, but the only other possibility is repulsive to me.

  3. The JFK Lama Wins the Wisconsin Dem Primary

  4. I can not say I am too surprised, but Jim Geraghty and his Wisconsin Political Guy had me thinking Hillary had a chance at winning. Hey Wisconsin Political Guy, you owe me a beer next time we meet!

  5. USN Shoots Satellite Down

  6. Exciting news. Yeah China and Russia whine about the militarization of space. They must be holding back laughter while they say it. They know a good percentage of our population will agree with them and not remember, know, and/or care they have performed similar exercises.

  7. NYT Slimes John McCain

  8. Yawn, so expected. The story is about a lobbyist telling clients she can get Senator McCain to do her will. Turns out, there are a number of cases where the Senator voted against her client's positions and McCain's staff. Here is one write up by Byron York:
    It is not all that unusual for lobbyists to spread the word that they have good access with lawmakers; it's the currency of the realm in that business. "If a newspaper is going to run stories about lobbyists who claim they have special relationships with members of Congress, it will run out of ink," Weaver said.
    Source: McCain Adviser: Iseman's Claims Were "Alarming" – The Corner (Byron York)
    I wonder if this was the torpedo the NYT was sitting on?

  9. Badga-Badga-Badga-Badga

  10. The Wisconsin Badgers crush the Illinois Fighting Illini. Cool, they share a piece of the Big Ten lead.

  11. Spring Training Begins! Doesn't seem like spring is near but it is!