Friday, November 07, 2008


I just did a Google search on "Texas Hold 'Em Blogger" and while find quite a bit, did not find a whole lot on his comments. Perhaps people are discussing the situation using his name rather than his blog name.

The Texas Hold 'Em Blogger was the fellow who made the threat on Boots & Sabers.

I am a co-blogger at the BBA and this may put my privileges in danger there, so be it. Jib, the owner of the BBA informed us he is putting Peter on indefinite suspension. I urged a public statement informing the readership of the suspension, naming Peter by his first name, and stating quite clearly we do not support such rhetoric. Jib, acted and put out his own statement, and in my considered opinion it was vague and weak. First off, Jib says Peter's statement appeared to be threatening in nature to the President-Elect.. I am sorry, Peter's statement was a clear threat and even though it is qualified people who want to do something badly enough can often find a way to come up with the cash, or do it themselves.

I can understand being concerned for Peter I am too. However, the threat was clear and public and those of us who associate with Peter need to be just as clear we do not support the sentiment.

Let it be perfectly clear, I condemn the comment and pray for Peter.