Thursday, November 06, 2008

Don't Be An Odious Jerk!

Ah our first open flare ups of Obama Derangement Syndrome are flaring up.

Visit This Boots and Sabers Comment thread and search on "Peter". I just finished up with that and yes, folks he said something that can be construed as a threat against (I hesitate to say it) one of the few people you should not make threats against. I am being quite tangential here, because while I am okay with my past dealings with the Secret Service (I dealt mostly with the PR guys and only briefly with the business guys) I do not want a visit from the Secret Service business guys.

I know, inevitable, but still we must condemn it. Many will protest, the left has done it for eight years and called it art. However, if you disliked that, why do it to others?

I am not going to apologize for Peter, Peter needs to calm down and man up and apologize. I do not like President-elect Obama or his policies. I don't think he is going to even come close to presiding in a centrist fashion, still, the public elected him and we must abide by that and work within the system.

Now, can we return to our sojourn into the desert and do what we have to do?