Monday, November 10, 2008


A lot of discussion is going on in the right side of the blogosphere & other communications channels on opposing the Democrats, and President-Elect Obama.

One of the guiding principles is that if you don't like act X being perpetrated on you, then do not perpetrate it on others. Yes, this the Golden Rule and most everyone says they believe in it, but in action I see a lot of people do pay a whole lot of attention to it. Yes, we are all human and failing is our lot - that is we can not expect all of us to live up to our ideals & principles all of the time. This is not an out to forgo holding principles & ideals.

While President Bush ruled many of us on the right, expressed disgust at the left in much of their unhingedness. The talk of President Bush and "he is not my president", their fantasizing of violence being perpetrated against President Bush, and all of that. We nodded in agreement with the joke about the New York Times reporting that President Bush's walking on water as Bush is unable to swim.

On January 20, 2009 Barak Obama will be my president and if you are a citizen or resident of the USA then he is your president as well. You see, it is a simple matter of definition, very much to akin to how we are not yet in a recession.

Inevitably those of us on the right will probably be in disagreement with President Obama on a majority of issues and concerns, however, will that be universal? I hardly think so, do not be afraid to give him credit when he does correct by your views. The relentlessly disagreeing are considered cranks no one pays attention too, just the same as no one gives any weight to the opinion of those who sheepishly agree 100% of the time.