Sunday, September 06, 2009

Van Gone

Van Jones is gone from the Whitehouse.

This is good news. Part of what I like about this is good ole partisan payback, but Van Jones is a kook who does not belong there.

The way this process was handled by all involved it seems most people around President Brk believe he should be there and are perfectly comfortable with his views regarding 9/11 and race. This kinda reminds of John Edwards and his KKK bloggers (yeah your heard me right, remember anti-Catholicism is one of the hallmarks of the KKK). John & his organization even when presented with some of their virulent and repeated slurs against Catholics continued to defend them. One could not help but believe John was sympathetic to those views.

President Brk is to cagey to express such views in the open, but by picking a person like Van Jones to hold a czar level posting and then stand by him, makes beleive he is very sympathetic to them.