Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Ann Coulter vs. Chris Lehane.

Chris Lehane is a monumental idiot.

Chris brought up the note that the President received prior to 9/11 stating Osama was going to attack the USA. He suggested (as have many leftists before him) that this memo is prove positive that President Bush did not take terrorism seriously.


The memo stated something that anyone with slight knowledge of Osama bin Laden knew. OBL wanted to attaack America. Jonah Goldberg put it aptly in stating the memo was akin to a warning that bears want to crap in the woods. Duhhhh! The problem is getting information specific enough to act on.

We knew the Japanese were up to something prior to 63 years ago today. We did not know enough though to mount defense against what happened 63 years ago today (for the historically challenged today is the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor). President Clinton knew OBL was up to something in June of '98 but not enough to stop it (recall the East African embassies were hit in July of '98). Did President Clinton put off his vacations prior to July '98?