Tuesday, December 14, 2004

McCain's comments.

John "McCensor" McCain has declared he has no confidence in Donald Rumsfeld. Actually he is not the only "Republican" of late to do so, Chuck Hagel has done so recently. However, it is McCain the press loves.

It all comes on the heels of the comments from Kuwait.

This is unfortunate because Donald Rumsfeld has done a great job in transforming the military. We do not have the forces we had in Gulf War I and in any event throwing more soldiers into the fight may not actually achieve anything. Of course all of this comes after the answer to the soldier with the questions about armored Humvees.

One of Claudia's godsons (ina-anak in the vernacular) is in the 3rd ID and made the comment about armored humvess to us in July. He was hoping he would have one since the one he normally gets about in was taken from him. No doubt for deployment to Iraq. He was concerned about not getting a armored humvee when he returns to Iraq.

Anyway Donald Rumsfeld comment is similar to one made by Abraham Lincoln to the commander of the Grand Army of the Potomac (GAP) General McDowell. Lincoln had ordered McDowell to attack the Confederates but McDowell had told Lincoln that the GAP needed more training; they were not ready for battle. Abraham retorted that this may be true but the enemy is green too, you are all green alike. Not quite the same but the General did not feel his army was ready for the job but Lincoln told him the time for preparation was over.

If you are a writer, you know you never submit a perfect piece for publication. It always needs one more revision, one more round of editing but you have to publish eventually. We all get this feeling when it comes time to do something risky we want more time to prepare but none of us has unlimited amoutns of time. We must act and too often we err on the side of tardiness rather than rashness.

Rumsfeld and the commanders knew they were not ready but the oppurtunity had come. To demand perfection is a clever way to say we should not have toppled Saddam without having to appear as defending Saddam.

If McCensor wins the 08 nomination for President I will vote for him but not volunteer. I would prefer Giuliani!